Our Young Team

We are investing in our growing team of young professionals, who are vital to our current and future success.

While we select employees with a core grounding in technical subjects, we also look for motivated individuals who are willing to challenge the status quo and take responsibility from the outset.

Energy in all its forms drives our business

  • NAME Imme Coolen
  • ROLE Production Manager Fertilizers
  • WHERE I WORK EuroChem Antwerpen
  • From the start, it was clear that EuroChem Antwerpen is a dynamic, growing environment where colleagues work together with passion to create great opportunities and achieve goals.”
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Creating and adopting New ideas

  • NAME Mikhail Mikhailenko
  • ROLE Lead Specialist, Construction Department
  • WHERE I WORK EuroChem- Volgakaliy
  • The development of EuroChem- Volgakaliy and its associated infrastructure is a unique project in Russia. I am really pleased to be a part of it and to ga in such great experience.”
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Sustainable growth from vertical integration Ambition

  • NAME Anna Kholomai
  • ROLE Chemical Analysis Laboratory Assistant, Raw Materials And Finished Products Quality Control
  • WHERE I WORK Novomoskovskiy Azot
  • Besides my daily work, I am also able to pursue research, which has allowed me to participate in the plant’s scientific and technical conferences.”
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