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This document covers the calendar year 2013 and follows on from the 2012 sustainability report. It covers all current operating sites and those in development. It also refers to the activities of employees and contractors at the sites as well as interactions with local communities, government agencies, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Our previous sustainability reports have followed the conventions of the GRI 3.1 Guidelines. For this document we have chosen to report in accordance with the ‘core’ requirement of the GRI G4 Guidelines published in 2013. The latter requires us to identify and report on aspects of sustainability that we deem to be of material importance to the business; we have endeavoured to do this. We have also made reference to these issues as covered in previous reports, along with the views of our stakeholders, changes to the business, the territories in which we operate and the wider business and regulatory environment for the agrochemical industry.

The performance data used in this document relates to all sites operating in 2013, excluding Kazakhstan. In most cases this data is presented as a function of KPIs, chiefly per tonne of production. This allows us to maintain continuity with previous reports, particularly under the G4 regime and where we have added new production capacity.

The data used in the report is derived from our own bespoke management information system. Where conversion factors have been used, these are stated within the document or the data book published separately.

There has been no restatement of information contained in previous reports. All data reflects our performance in 2013, including that of new operations.

Please find the complete GRI table with all data for 2013 on our website at www.eurochem.ru

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